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Lo Siento

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Jim Yurchenco : IDEO

Don’t accept done for good. Don’t accept good for excellent”



- Dan Gardner and Mike Treff  (The Next Big Thing in Responsive Design - Fast Co.)



Paper record player wedding invite by Kelli Anderson via

When folded just so, this card turns into a manually-spun paper record player that plays an “invitation song” recorded by the bride and groom.

A million times (Time Dubai) by Humans since 1982 from Humans since 1982 on Vimeo.

Ikea Billboard 

Incredible Ikea Billboard Tips an Apartment Sideways to Become a Rock-Climbing Wall!

Ikea promoted the opening of its 30th store in France by building an apartment into a vertical rock-climbing wall. Marketing shop Ubi Bene helped devise the impressive outdoor installation in the city of Clermont-Ferrand.

The wall is 9 meters high by 10 meters wide and fitted with steps and grips, allowing the public to navigate among stylish beds, cabinets, tables, chairs, sofas and accessories. (Using harnesses and with safety personnel on hand, naturally.) Via

(Source: powermovesmarketinginc)

Gilbert Legrand quirky hand painted household objects. Love these!

Cottonelle Ads

Great copywriting. I always enjoy a humorous approach, good stuff. Da Chicago one is cute

Agency - Laughlin Constable

Nike Training Club

I actually take NTC classes at my gym - It’s kind of a love/hate…It can be very challenging at times, but they are really great classes. I especially like the instructor, a good instructor makes a world of a difference (for pretty much everything in life). We have had a few subs, and it’s just not the same! I have already noticed some changes in my build. Maybe I will finally be able to beat my little sister at arm wresting? That will be the day! haha. 

I have not checked out this app, but I feel like a lot of the time, design with fitness and sports tend to trend black. This is very fresh and clean. I like the simplicity, and it looks easy to use/navigate.